Are you sensing that your team is overworked? You may not think you can do much about it, but even small changes and impact employee morale and make it a more positive workplace. If you find that your team is overworked, here are some things you can do as soon as today to help ease the workload, change their perceptions, and improve performance.

Talk to Each Employee

While the groupmind may have one idea about their workload, you’ll learn more by talking with each employee. Everyone has a different breaking point. Some will push themselves further, even past breaking, to make a good impression. Others will shut down long before that happens. You can determine who is experiencing what so you can make adjustments as necessary.

Help Them Prioritize

Sometimes it’s about their method of prioritizing. It can be difficult when they’re getting mixed signals from a variety of sources, so you have to be there to help them decide what is most important. Take a look at what they’re currently working on and help them create a plan that can help them accomplish everything.

Improve Work/Life Balance

If your employees are feeling overworked, it probably means that they have a lack of balance across all aspects of their lives. You can’t just focus on their work; you have to have a holistic approach for their entire lives. Would a flexible schedule help? Can you enforce that they take their vacation time? Assure them that they won’t have repercussions if they aren’t in the office for a few days.

Reward and Recognition

Sometimes the feeling of being overworked goes hand in hand with the feeling of being underappreciated. Be sure to say thank you to your employees every day. Even if they’re just doing their day to day job, show them gratitude. You can also provide rewards and incentives when they do go above and beyond.

Contact a Staffing Partner

After all of this and you still find that your team is overworked, it may be time to call for reinforcements. Working with a temporary staffing agency to bring short term help on board to push through a particularly busy time is a great way to show your team that you want to support them and give them the resources they need to feel less stress at work. 

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