Owning your own business involves a lot of moving pieces. And regardless of what you do day-to-day, you’re likely to run into people who simply don’t like you. But the internet changes the way people find goods and services and online reviews really do set the tone for business. What can you do about negative online reviews? First, take a deep breath. Then consider these ideas to help you work through it.

Pay Attention to Online Reviews

The most important step is to pay attention to these reviews. You can’t know if something is wrong if you’re not willing to look at the feedback. And while one negative review and negate the experience of several positive ones, reading the positive reviews can also help your business succeed because you’ll know what you’re doing right.

Choose Whether to Respond

There are some cases where responding is not going to serve you. Your knee jerk reaction may be to respond to everything, but some reviews are just sour grapes and don’t need any additional commentary. However, if an online review cites specific instances where services could be improved, consider responding.

Choose How to Respond

Your response can happen in a number of ways. Maybe you should reach out to the customer privately and see how you can make the situation right. Or maybe you want to address the issue in a reply to the review so it has a more public audience. Each instance will be different, so take a moment to decide before the next step.

Respond Right Away

If you do choose to respond, either in private on the review, do so right away. The longer you wait for these issues to fester, the worse they can become. You may even be able to salvage the professional relationship with the reviewer if you respond right away and try to make the situation right.

Control Your Own Reactions

No matter how you choose to respond, or not, control your own reactions. We’ve all watched the amazing business makeover shows where the owners rebuke every attempt to improve their business, up to and including insulting both customers and the celebrity consultant. While this makes for great TV, it does little to help your business succeed. Have you had to deal with negative online reviews? Contact ProStaff to see how we can help today.