If your employees have stopped performing up to your expectations, what is the underlying reason? Previously high-performing employees who suddenly have a completely change in behavior may be experiencing burnout. If employee burnout isn’t addressed early in the process, you could loose top performers or have discontent spread throughout your company. What is employee burnout and what can you do about it?

Signs of Employee Burnout

You may notice when someone is completely checked out of their job, but what other behavior pattern can indicate burnout early on. Some of the most common early signs of burnout include:

  • Taking excessive sick days
  • A sudden lack of organization
  • Forgetting common tasks
  • Short temper with co-workers

If an employee seems like they’re not engaged with their work every day, it may be time to reevaluate.

How does it affect your company?

Employee burnout doesn’t just affect individual employees. Dissatisfaction can spread throughout a department or even a company quickly.

There are some things you can do to help mitigate burnout before it becomes a company-wide problem.

  • Talk about it. You can’t solve a problem before you know what it is. If you notice an employee feeling dissatisfied, talk to them about it. Try to find out what is causing it, so you can take steps to improve.
  • Be more flexible. Work/life balance is a hot topic in the workplace, and something as simple as being more flexible with work hours can help. Your employees may feel pressure coming from outside sources that is impacting their work.  
  • Enforce time off. Another challenge employers face is enforcing vacation time. U.S. workers don’t always take the time allowed and some consider that a point of pride. But time off is important for everyone, so make sure your team feels welcomed to take it.  
  • Find new tasks. If your employee’s burnout starts with boredom, find new tasks to keep them engaged. Find out what they like to do and integrate that with the work they must accomplish. Maybe they can cross train, so everyone can handle different things in the office.
  • Prioritize engagement. Employee satisfaction needs to be a priority. Make sure you’re creating a culture of gratitude and letting people know you appreciate them. It will go a long way to keeping people happy and loyal.

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