Have you been pursuing job listings and come across the words “Cherry Picker?” What is a cherry picker, and should you bring this kind of experience to the table when looking for your next warehouse job. Interviewers are looking for people with this background, so let’s take a closer look at what it means and how you can gain this experience in your career. 

What is a Cherry Picker?  

A “Cherry Picker” is the term used for a warehouse vehicle able to reach high spaces. It’s a hydraulic crane with a platform at the end to raise and lower people. If you’ve not seen them in a warehouse environment before, you’ve probably seen them used by power line workers or tree trimmers. The term is also used to describe someone who operates these machines.  

What is the Role of a Cherry Picker?  

In a warehouse environment, a cherry picker operator is responsible for safely and efficiently operating the motorized lift. Their primary responsibility is to pull products based on customer orders. Daily duties can include fulfilling orders, restocking materials, or preparing orders for shipment. There is a lot of crossover with other warehouse or industrial duties as well.  

How Much Can You Earn?  

According to Indeed and Salary.com, cherry pickers can make around $15 per hour depending on the specific job, location, and environment. These roles are generally paid hourly, and there is often the potential for additional overtime pay depending on the job and company you work with.  

How do You get Experience?  

The requirements for cherry picker jobs are similar to those for other warehouse roles, such as forklift drivers. Companies prefer someone with a high school diploma or GED, at least 6 months of experience operating a warehouse vehicle such as a cherry picker or forklift, and certification from OSHA. Employers do want experience operating a pallet jack, good hand-eye coordination, mechanical skills, and the ability to perform physical labor.  

How do You Find a Cherry Picker Job?  

Applying with a staffing agency that works with warehouse and industrial companies in the area is a great first step. A recruiter can work with you to find a position where you can grow into a cherry picker role. Or, if you have previous experience, cherry pickers are always in demand.  

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