Hiring is not a linear process. It may look that way on paper:

  • Job posting
  • Resume review
  • Prescreening
  • Interviewing
  • Offer

But that’s not always how it works.

And the candidate experience is a big part of ensuring that you can attract top talent to your open jobs. So what are the negative candidate experiences that you should avoid? Here are a few tips to stop losing out to the competition.

Lack of Employer Response

The number one complaint that most employers hear is that unhappy applicants feel that hiring managers simply don’t respond. This happens at every stage of the applicant experience. From the initial application to final interviews, when candidates feel like they’re left hanging, they will likely seek other employment avenues.

Complicated Application Process

A significant number of qualified applicants will abandon an online application if it takes longer than about ten minutes. The application process needs to be simple, streamlined, and easy to navigate. Many job seekers apply using smartphones, so the application also needs to be optimized for mobile. Companies often think that complicated applications screen out bad candidates, but they also alienate great candidates.

Difficulty Scheduling an Interview

In a recent survey by Jobvite, 22% of the people who responded said they didn’t like it when there was too much back and forth to schedule an interview. Sometimes employers make it too vague and then spend time going back and forth on finding a good time to schedule. Some companies have success using an online calendar application that allows candidates to schedule available time slots conveniently.

No Explanation of Company Values

Job seekers don’t just want to understand what they’ll be doing on the job; they want to know why they’ll do it. Your company values, mission, and message all play a part in this. Sure, the applicant should research your company website, but it’s also up to you to communicate your corporate values in the interview process to ensure that you and the candidate are a good match.

Limited Availability for Interviews

Finally, 21% of the responses indicated candidates are frustrated when recruiters or hiring managers to have limited availability to schedule interviews. That makes job seekers feel like they’re a burden or an afterthought, while the truth is, their interviews are essential to ensuring your company has the right people at the right time.

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