It can be difficult this time of year, especially after the stress of the pandemic, for employees to feel motivated at the end of the year. However, if you’re struggling with unmotivated employees, it can be a challenge to ensure everything that needs to be done is accomplished. Here are some tips for putting some pep in your employees’ step this season.

Talk to Your Team

One of the first steps to motivating your team is to understand why they’re not feeling motivated in the first place. Take time to talk to them to learn what they’re struggling with at home and the workplace. Don’t just make assumptions because that won’t ultimately solve the problem.

Encourage Pet Projects

Sometimes a lack of motivation stems from the feeling of being stuck. If your team is doing the same things every day, they can lose focus and interest. Instead, find a way to allow them to branch out and take on some pet projects. Being able to focus on something else can encourage them to accomplish all of their tasks.

Communicate Clearly

A lack of motivation can also happen when rumors take over the company narrative. Combat this by being fully transparent with the things going on in your business. This will stop misinformation and allow you to control the information that your employees are receiving and sharing.

Appreciate Your Employees

Saying thank you goes a long way to encouraging and engaging employees. A culture of gratitude may be one of the best things you can foster in your workplace. Once you start showing your team how grateful you are for them, they’re likely to turn around and show gratitude to others both inside and outside the office.

Provide Extra Perks

You don’t have to do anything drastic, but providing a few new perks can get your team excited again. For example, if you haven’t allowed for flexible schedules in the past, consider providing opportunities moving forward. People who have more control over their time are more productive, so they can work from home or give them extra time off to recharge.

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