Finding talent, especially with the uncertainty we’ve had throughout 2020, has always been a challenge. You need to find a person with the exact combination of skills and the right personal fit with your current team. Qualified has many definitions, so if you’re struggling to find a qualified employee, you may need some additional help. Here are 4 tips to help you find and identify top talent for your open positions. 

Create a Great Job Description  

Just like a candidate’s resume, the job description is the first impression you’ll make. When applicants read it, they have to want to apply. An effective job description will go beyond the duties of the job and the requirements for experience. It should give a sense of your company culture and tell someone why working with you is the next best step to their career.  

Expand Your Network 

A piece of advice given to job seekers is that it’s not what they know; it’s who they know. They’re encouraged to network in the community, reach out to thought leaders, and ask for referrals. But a network is not a straight line; it’s a web. And to find and hire top talent, you may also want to add networking to your strategy. 

Use Social Media 

Finding candidates where they already are will help you reach more potential talent. And for many candidates today, social media is that place. Job seekers are coached to follow companies they like to interact with and get to know them before applying to open jobs. They will see your brand personality and be sure to share job postings when they go live.  

Partner with a Staffing Agency 

There are a lot of moving parts to hire top-quality candidates. But there is also a solution that helps coordinate all of the puzzle pieces to ensure that you have a positive result. Partnering with a staffing agency like ProStaff will take a lot of the pressure off your shoulders. They handle every aspect of the pre-screening process, so you only have to interview the top candidates. Your staffing partner will also be there throughout the onboarding process to ensure everyone is satisfied with the work arrangement.  

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