Are job fairs still a useful way to find new candidates in today’s economy? Well, the truth is that job fairs only work if you leverage them the right way. You need to stand out as an employer in a sea of other employers. So how can you make sure your career fair strategy puts you in a good position to find and recruit the top talent in attendance? Here are some ideas to get you started.  

Preplan Your Booth Set-Up 

The time to design your booth is not when you arrive at the job fair. Instead, take time a few days ahead of the event to plan everything so you’re ready and can set up quickly. Find out the size of space you have, if there is room for a banner behind you, and if you need to bring a table cloth. Have everything with you to set up your space and be willing to make changes on the fly if necessary.  

Print Out Helpful Materials 

Of course, you should have cards with you along with brochures or rack cards, but there may be other things that will be helpful. People like to work with companies who offer them real and useful information. So maybe you want to make a flyer with helpful interview tips or resources to find new clothes inexpensively for interviews in the future.  

Personalize the Experience 

While you aren’t going to know ahead of time who will be approaching you in the booth, try to personalize the experience as much as possible. First, wear a nametag so people can know who you are when they approach. Next, try to find out the general audience who will be attending. If the job fair is for entry-level workers or a specific industry, try to have talking points to address the most common questions.  

Consider Giveaways 

It is human nature to love getting free things. You should always bring branded giveaways to the job fair. Why? Even if someone doesn’t send you a resume immediately, they will have your information close at hand. The next time they pull out that pen or stress ball, they’ll have your company name and, at least, a phone number and can contact you directly.  

Be Inviting and Friendly  

Finally, make sure that everyone who approaches you at the job fair has a positive and friendly experience. Smile at them. Learn their name. Decide if you’re accepting resumes or you want to encourage them to apply online. Whichever is fine, just communicate it in a positive way. Your friendly attitude may be the thing that pushes them over the edge to want to work with you.  

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