Humans are not designed to sit at a desk all day, but that’s what we usually do during the day while we’re working. With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to open the windows, smell the fresh air, and implement workplace stretching into your daily schedule. Specifically, walking has been proven to increase employee productivity. To get your team to spring into action, here are a few ways you can encourage walking in your workplace.

How to Incorporate Walk Breaks at Work

Hold a Step Count Contest

Today, having a step counting contest is easy with fitness trackers built into phones and smartwatches. Have your team log their steps every day and evaluate them after a week or a month. Award the person with the highest number of steps in that time. There are also apps specifically designed for workplace step challenges that you can encourage your team to use.

Encourage Outdoor Walks on Breaks

Sometimes a little sunshine and fresh air are enough to reset the brain. If you’re in a location where walking outdoors is accessible, encourage your team to get out of the office on their breaks. Make it more attractive to leave the office for lunch than to say in or eat at their desks. To be positive about breaks, management should set an example by getting out of the office during the day.

should set an example by getting out of the office during the day.

Share Office and Desk Stretching Exercises

Sometimes walking or going outside isn’t feasible, especially in cold or wet weather. But that doesn’t mean your team can’t remain active when the weather is terrible. Consider providing resources for office and desk stretching ideas that all of your employees can do right from their workspace. This is also useful for any of your team members with mobility issues.

Encourage Walking at Home

Walking doesn’t have to be reserved for working hours. Encouraging your team to walk at home with their family and friends will help them stay fit and healthy and be more productive during work hours. Walking can be a social activity to help people bond with their family or pets or get active in their neighborhood.

Are You Ready To Start Walking

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