Have you heard of recruitment marketing? You may have and not realized that’s what it was. Over the last several years, many people have focused on their employer branding. This is how they position themselves as an employer to attract top talent and is made up of communication, reputation, and the application process. Recruitment marketing is an extension of this process. It’s the way by which you communicate your employer brand to potential candidates. So why is it important and, more importantly, how do you do it? Let’s take a closer look.  

Increase Awareness 

There was a time when posting jobs online, or even in print newspapers, was enough to generate interest from applicants. But times have changed, and today, brand awareness is key to success. That means people need to know who you are as an employer and be interested in applying and working with you long term. Recruitment marketing provides means to share your brand with potential employees.  

Generate Interest 

But just being aware isn’t enough to draw top talent to your doorstep. You need to create an interesting employer brand that speaks to what candidates want in their career path. You generate interest by providing a great work environment and promoting your positive reputation as an employer. One top example of this is Google.  

Nurture the Decision 

When someone decides to interact with you, it’s your role to keep them engaged. Even if they’re not ready to apply yet, you want them to think of you first when they are. So nurturing the relationship to keep your name at the top of the list means staying engaged and interactive. Make your company the first place they turn when they’re looking for a new position.  

Drive Action  

Recruitment marketing doesn’t just end with awareness and interest. You also need to drive potential candidates to your application process. Creating a thoughtful, easy to navigate application will be just as important to attracting and keeping talent as promoting your employer brand. You want to encourage people to apply and maintain communication with them through the process regardless of the final decision.  

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