As the world seems to be focused on the dichotomy between Baby Boomers and Millennials, there are a few other generations getting lost in the shuffle. We won’t even start talking about the often-forgotten Generation X. But today, Gen-Z keeps getting lumped in with their slightly older counterparts in the millennial age brackets. As Millennials are about to turn 40, we need to take a step back and start looking at the youngest generation now entering the workforce. How can you prepare your workplace for Generation Z?  

How can you prepare your workplace for Generation Z? 

Focus on Digital  

While we often look to the millennials as the first generation born with digital devices, the truth is Generation Z is far more digitally savvy that even their next oldest counterparts. They have an expectation that your organization will be on top of things in terms of the most up to date digital tools available to run your business. Without these things in place, you risk missing out on top GenZ talent from the start.  

Provide Value 

Millennials changed the workplace conversation to be around values and ethics, which is a great thing. And their successors value these things as well. But they are also looking toward physical value in the work they do. They want good salaries and career advancement. This is understandable based on the information we have about the high levels of college debt and the cost of healthcare. Consider your salary package closely.  

Flexible Workplace 

Also, like the generation before them, GenZ is looking for more flexibility with their time. Unlike the 60 or more a week Boomers who set the standards for many companies, younger employees are laser-focused on their work/life balance. Add to this the fact that GenZ is also a generation that grew up with the gig economy, they’re used to the hustle and are likely to have side hustles that are just as important to them as their primary career.  

Better Managers 

It’s important to have the best management structure in place for your new GenZ employees. And who better to provide value and leadership than the millennials in your workplace? The reason for this is clear. Because both generations have a more collective approach to their careers, they are likely to communicate more fluidly. Promoting your millennial employees, now that they’re nearing 40, is a great way to pass the leadership torch in your company.  

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