Leadership has always been an evolving practice. Every time new technology is introduced, management needs to understand how it fits best with the company mission and switch gears to ensure they’re staying ahead of the curve in terms of competition. In 2020, nothing has exemplified that more than the fast-paced nature of change in the workplace precipitated by a global pandemic. So what is the next big trend for management in this current climate?  

Remote Talent Acquisition 

With so many companies working from home, there will also need to be a shift in the hiring process. You may not be able to bring candidates into an office for a traditional interview, especially more than once. More reliance on video conferencing will be the new normal. But that also means companies will have to determine a remote onboarding strategy as well.  

Employee Engagement  

Another aspect of the new remote working arrangements that most companies have now is employee engagement. More than ever, your team needs to feel like they’re part of the organization. It can be much harder when you only see people in virtual meetings or chats. Management now needs to determine ways to keep employees engaged and excited.  

Wellness Trends 

For a while, management trends embraced a holistic wellness approach. Companies were organizing “Get Fit” campaigns, offering help for employees who wanted to quit smoking, and even providing yoga classes or meditations in the workplace. Now that many employees are at home, the wellness programs should continue but be something everyone can do at their own pace with their tools at home.  

Results-Based Workplace 

A big trend many companies will embrace moving forward is the idea of a results-based workplace. When the majority of employees were in the office, their time could be accounted for. But now that people are working from home, it’s less important that they remain tied to their computer. Providing details about a project, communicating expectations, and giving a deadline will allow employees to work at their own pace as long as things are completed well and on time.  

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