Do you actually need a resume to get hired? There may be some instances where a resume isn’t as necessary, and we’ll get to those, but we also believe that having a resume will help you throughout your career search. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a resume, how to get a job without one, and how to get help writing your resume moving forward.

Jobs That Don’t Require Resumes

There are some jobs, especially entry-level positions, where a resume isn’t necessary. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one ready just in case. Some of these positions can be found when working with a temporary agency. They may submit you or send you to an assignment based on your specific skills, and the client company doesn’t need any further information.

The Role of a Resume

But what does a resume do? Your resume is a snapshot of your relevant experience that will give potential employers a reason to consider you for the job. That means a resume doesn’t have to cover every single base, it just needs to act as a sales tool for you and the specific job. Experts advise editing your resume whenever you apply to make it more targeted for each job.

Benefits of a Resume

The role of a resume is clear, but what are the benefits of having one? There will be some jobs that are simply inaccessible without a resume. It also helps you prepare for your interview. When you interview for a job, the information the employer already has is what’s on your resume. You will be asked to elaborate on the information. So having a good foundation will help you build your career.

Get Help Building a Resume

Sometimes you need just a little extra boost to make your resume pop. If you need help building your resume, talk to the employment experts at ProStaff. Our team can look at your background and experience and assist you in putting together a resume that will help you make a great first impression with employers. It will also be something you can build off of in the future.

Are you ready to review your resume and apply for your next job? Call ProStaff today.