We all know them. There’s an employee with great potential who simply doesn’t seem interested in living up to it. They put in just as much as they have to in order to get by, but not one ounce of effort more. But there are so many reasons employees become complacent and lazy in their jobs. It could be a number of factors including stress outside of work, boredom with what they’re doing or restlessness. So how you can motivate a lazy employee? Here are a few tips.

  • Talk to them. The only way to understand what is going on in someone’s mind is to talk to them. Ask them what they like and don’t like about their job. Find out if there is something going on outside the office that could be affecting their performance. See if they can tell you what they would rather be doing. It may be difficult to articulate, but this conversation can open up more possibilities.
  • Establish new goals. Once you’re armed with the information to help you, work with the employee to help establish new goals. Create goals that help them achieve what they want to do as well as further the long-term success of your company. This could be a complete change from what they were doing or small tweaks to their current position.
  • Provide incentive. Its important to provide encouragement for what they’re doing. This should always be in the form of gratitude for their hard work, but you can include additional incentives as well. Talk with them to find out what motivates them to do good work and match your rewards with their personality.
  • Offer advancement. Sometimes a person bored in one position can excel if given more responsibility. You can consider advancement for an employee who shows potential but isn’t living up to it in their current role. Find a way to use their skills and interests to your benefit and keep them engaged on the job.
  • Provide support. Throughout this process, its also critical to ensure your participation. Provide your employees the support they need to succeed. This includes providing tools and technologies that would make their job easier. It may also be additional training that could help someone excel.

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