It’s hard being the temporary employee just coming into a new assignment. There is always a new employee period of adjustment, but for a temp, it may never feel like they’re part of the team. You can change this experience and make them feel more welcome right from day one. Here are a few ways you can help them get settled and stay engaged while they’re working for you.  

Be Ready 

It happens all the time. A temporary employee arrives and the company isn’t ready for them. They have to wait for a desk or a computer to be set up for them to start. When they see a company is unprepared to have them start, it can make a very bad impression. Start before they arrive to make sure you have everything they need already set up.  

Assign an Employee Mentor 

Temps also often feel isolated from the rest of the staff. And some of this is fueled by the way your permanent employees may think about or treat short term staff. They look at the newcomer as competition. Don’t reinforce those behaviors. Instead, assign a current employee to your temp to help them get settled and show them the ropes of working in the office. Assure your team that the temp is there to help, not replace.  

Provide Access 

It may be that you want to keep the information confidential from someone who isn’t going to be permanently part of your team. But if this secrecy impedes what your temp worker needs to accomplish, it can feel like you’re preventing them from doing their job. Find a way to provide access to all the information they need to be effective or they may decide this assignment isn’t right for them.  

Follow Up 

Another complaint a lot of short-term workers have about assignments is that they never received feedback. Sometimes, this silence is followed by being removed from the job without an explanation. And while you’re able to choose your temps and decide if they’re working out, it’s helpful to provide feedback and even correction along the way. And don’t forget to talk to the recruiter about your temp, both good and bad.  

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