What can make your resume stand out from the crowd in a challenging employment climate? While you want to ensure you have the critical pieces of information, a little added excitement can give employers something to talk about. Here are a few things you can do to spruce up your resume and get noticed.

Here is How to Spruce Up Your Resume

Share Results

If you want to get the right eyes on your resume, make sure you’re showing the results of the work you’ve done in the past. For example, it’s great that you know how to use Excel but show how you’ve used it to benefit a previous employer. Share data and results of your work to paint the picture that you’re a great hire.

Include a Quote

Do you have a LinkedIn recommendation that you’re specifically proud of? Did a client send you a rave review in email in the past? Include a short snippet of these quotes so an employer can see that you have a positive reputation and how others think about your work. This should be just a quick quote at the beginning of your resume.

Highlight Recognition

Have you received a reward from your employer? Be sure to include this kind of recognition on your resume. They can show that you have a positive reputation within your previous position and that you have been appreciated for your work.

Show Your Personality

Most people approach a resume as a dry, professional document. It’s okay to showcase your personality a little bit. Don’t go overboard, but include aspects of your character when talking about your accomplishments on the job. Show how you did it rather than how anyone can do the job.

Make it Easy to Read

Lastly, your resume should also be easy to read by the recruiter or hiring manager. That means avoiding large blocks of text and using bullets to draw the eye. Unless the position you’re applying for is graphics-heavy, like graphic design, avoid images or fancy fonts. And never put your picture on your resume.

Is Your Resume Ready?

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