The summer sun can be brutal no matter where you are across the country. Keeping workers safe when you don’t have a climate-controlled space is a top priority for many managers.  They may have to work in the hot summer sun or they may be in tight, stuffy places throughout the summer months. What can you do to ensure your workers are staying safe?

  1. Give them a break. General labor and warehouse jobs are often difficult and heavy work. That means your workers are exerting themselves throughout the day no matter what their actual role. Be sure to allow them plenty of breaks to rest, recover, and be ready to get back to work renewed and refreshed.  
  2. Provide plenty of water. During these breaks, and throughout the day, give your team access to plenty of water. Provide water bottles or a water cooler. Encourage them to bring reusable water bottles or provide them. You may also want to offer sports drinks with electrolytes that can help them stay hydrated.
  3. Offer shade. The sun causes more problems than just heat exhaustion. Sunburn is a major concern as well and has long term health risks. Encourage your team to use sunscreen, but also recognize that not everyone will or they won’t reapply often enough. Providing shaded areas where they can retreat can be helpful.  
  4. Watch for signs. Train your employees to watch out for the signs of heat exhaustion. But some of them may ignore the major warning signs and push through anyway. That’s why is imperative that you also watch them for signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration. If they appear dizzy or unable to focus, stop them and encourage a break. Be sure to call emergency services if someone is unable to recover quickly.
  5. Enforce a summer dress code. Dressing properly in the summer heat is also important. Encourage a specific summertime dress code so everyone is more comfortable. Suggest clothing that wicks moisture away from the body to help keep them cool. Provide any protective gear necessary for your specific work. And you may want to suggest your team wear hats to prevent sunburn.  

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