The overall message in our country seems to be that college is the next logical step after high school graduation. But with so many barriers in the way, from high student loan debt to life situations not conducive to a college environment, not everyone can or will go to college. If you have graduated from high school or received a GED, what jobs can you get without a college degree? And how do you position yourself in the interview to land the job? Here are a few jobs you can get without a degree.

Office Clerk

Every office needs assistance with day-to-day tasks. An office clerk may be responsible for filing, typing, scanning, or answering phones. These positions require attention to detail and good interpersonal skills, but they do not require a college degree.

General Warehouse

If you like to work with your hands and stay active, a job in a warehouse may be an excellent choice for you. These roles may include material handling, picking, and packing, or even forklift operation. Attention to safety and the ability to perform physical labor can get you a foot in the door.


For many businesses, the front desk receptionist is the first impression customers have of the company. Whether it’s greeting incoming guests or answer the phones, you need to have a friendly personality to be a successful receptionist. You also need to be comfortable on the phone and able to handle office duties. 

Data Entry

For those who like to be behind the scenes, data entry can be a great opportunity. Data entry clerks take information and type it into a computer system. Fast and accurate typing is necessary. Attention to detail is also critical as you need to enter the data accurately.


Many warehouses seek individuals for inventory positions. The accurate count of materials or products is essential for customer service. You may receive the product and log it into the computer system to ensure that accurate counts continue as the materials are sold or used.

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