Have you thought about transitioning your work to the third shift? If so, it’s worth considering all the pros and cons of working at this time. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons a third shift job could be a good fit and some of the negatives.

Why Should You Work 3rd Shift?

Shift Differential Pay

It can be helpful to look at the opportunity in terms of money. Third shift jobs generally pay a significant shift differential that can earn you much more money for doing the same work. It’s worth looking into the options if you have the flexibility to work an unconventional schedule.

Management Recognition

Your managers have to gauge a lot of information to determine the top performers of your department. They look for more than just productivity; they also want to see someone who goes above and beyond. You can demonstrate that you’re a team player by volunteering for a difficult shift to staff.

Less Competition

Night shift work is less crowded in general. Depending on the industry, there aren’t the same number of people on the third shift as regular business hours. That means less competition for resources or the praise of your supervisors.

Personal Autonomy

Speaking of supervisors, night shift positions have the potential for less direct supervision than day shift roles. Often, managers will work only day shift positions, so night shift workers are left with significant autonomy to do the work without feeling watched over every second.

Reduced Distractions

Working regular business hours has benefits, but it also comes with many distractions. Lunch breaks and gossip are often a big part of workplace culture. By working the third shift, you’ll find yourself with fewer distractions and able to get more done with your time.

Life at Home

While you will have to shift your sleep schedule, people who work the third shift also find that it can give them some additional time at home without stress. Your commute will also be much less than those in the thick of rush hour, giving you some time back in your day.

Do you think a third shift position is a good fit for you?

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