Employee retention has always been necessary. Today, in 2020, it’s essential, more than ever, that you work with your employees to keep them engaged and happy on the job. With more skilled workers on the market today, you’re competing against many other companies for top talent. If an employee is dissatisfied, you must figure out why. Here are some ways to improve retention.

Hire Right the First Time

It sounds reductive, but it truly is the best way to influence employee retention. What you need to do is match not only skills and experience but also values and personality. This is the combination that will give you the best possible fit in your organization. Does this person share similar goals and values to the company mission statement? Do they have a cultural fit into your environment? For example, if your company is a casual and creative environment, hiring someone with a very conservative personality who likes to follow the rules may not result in a perfect match.

Provide Variety in the Job

Once your new employee has started, you must be able to keep them engaged, active, and satisfied. Most people are not comfortable doing the same things day in and day out every day of their lives. They want variety and advancement. Give them that opportunity on the job. Maybe you offer to cross-train employees from all over the company can work in other roles when necessary. Or perhaps you have a pool of projects that people can choose from based on their interests and skills. Provide training so they can advance their careers.

Enhance Your Company Culture

Your corporate culture will also impact the way employees stay engaged on the job. Of course, once you hire someone who is a match for your overall company values, you might think that your work is done. But you need to consistently evaluate your company culture to ensure that it’s meeting the needs of your employees. What sort of extracurricular activities and benefits do you offer? How comfortable is your office, and do employees enjoy coming into work every day?

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