When people quit jobs, they’re actually quitting managers. The number one reason for a dissatisfied employee to leave is because they don’t enjoy working with their boss. A bad boss is a huge problem when you don’t understand the best ways to deal with them effectively. But quitting a job should be the last resort. While you can’t change how someone reacts, you can alter the way you react to them. Here are tips for positive interactions with your boss while boosting your own productivity on the job.

  1. Step up communications. If they can’t communicate effectively, it’s up to you to be in charge of information. Be proactive to let them know when you’re starting a project, keep them up to date with your progress, and let them know what you expect for an outcome. Don’t give them the time to approach you with accusations or issues that become unsolvable.  
  2. Do what you say. Of course, after you’ve communicated the steps of your process, it’s up to you to do what you say. When you give your boss a reason to micromanage, you lose the ability to control the situation. Never let a deadline get past you.  
  3. Don’t hide anything. It’s also important you don’t keep information from your boss. You may feel like you should because you can’t trust them, but that can be a dangerous road. Be open about the work you do. Don’t cover up or shift blame if you do make a mistake. Own up and work on finding a solution quickly.
  4. Learn more about them. Sometimes a bad boss isn’t actually bad, they just don’t think the way you do. Learn how they function in the workplace. Once you understand their motivations, why they communicate the way they do, and how they interact with others, you can alter your behavior to be better suited to a positive relationship.
  5. Keep good records. When you do work with a bad boss, be sure to document everything. This should include everything you’ve done and when and how you’ve done it. Also, document anything that is a concern, so you have record in case something blows up in the future. This information may be important if things come to a head.
  6. Provide solid solutions. One behavior that will make a bad boss worse is complaining when problems happen. While you might be frustrated, don’t take it out on your boss even if it feels deserved. Don’t focus on the negative, instead find a solution and communicate that to them to show you’re willing to improve. Don’t let them see you as an adversary.

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