If you’ve been on the job market for a while, you know that you have to send a lot of resumes to get a response. Experts suggest job seekers need to send at least 10 resumes per week to get interviews and potential job offers. But hiring is an inexact science, and as much as we want to think it’s just about numbers, there’s a lot more to landing a job than just applying to a certain number of resumes to job listings each week. It only takes one: the right resume to the right person at the right time. So is there a better way? Let’s take a closer look. 

Create a Targeted Job List 

Rather than applying to anything, start by creating a list of companies you want to target. Look at companies in your area that frequently have positions in your area of expertise. You can also create a list of your skills and interests to help you match yourself to potential employers in the next steps.  

Do Your Research  

Next, conduct research on these organizations. Look at their websites to see what they’re hiring for at the moment. If they are not hiring in your industry, bookmark the page so you can check back frequently. Follow them on social media and engage when appropriate. Continue to record important information that may help you in the future.  

Master the Cover Letter 

Sure, your resume is essential to landing your next job, but it doesn’t do anywhere near the heaving lifting as a cover letter. To master the cover letter is to learn to market yourself as the single best solution to a company’s current problem. When you have the opportunity to apply, craft a letter that serves these purposes:  

  • Introduces you as a top candidate 
  • Shares your success in similar roles 
  • Provide engaging information that may not be on your resume 
  • Reiterate your interest in the position  

It’s okay to create a template, but be sure you’re not sending the same form letter to every hiring manager. You want to stand out, not blend in.  


Even as you create lists of companies to target, you should never let an opportunity pass to connect with members of the community. Networking is an essential part, and new opportunities can come from anywhere. Online networking, such as through LinkedIn, is a good start. And once we’re in a position to attend in-person events again, challenge yourself to do so. 

Apply with ProStaff 

One major advantage you should take advantage of is a connection with a local staffing agency. Recruiters work with businesses in need of top talent, and some never publish these openings publicly before contacting the agency. If you don’t apply, you may be missing out on opportunities. And your recruiter is an expert in marketing your skills to the right employers, giving you an advantage. 

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