Have you considered working on a temporary assignment? Did you know that temp work can lead to full-time offers? These assignments can open the door if you are a good match for the company and job. How can you turn a temporary job into a permanent one? Partnering with a staffing agency can provide you with opportunities to show your value. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Match their needs. Sometimes, a temporary worker isn’t considered for a permanent position because the company has established requirements for the job. For example, they may want a college degree or specific years of experience in the industry. Without these, they may be fine with you in the short-term role but could overlook you for other candidates. But you will have one advantage that new candidates won’t. If you meet all of their needs, they may be willing to adjust their requirements to avoid training someone new.
  • Become familiar. For even the shortest assignment, take time to learn about the corporate culture, values, and mission statement. Spend your time learning as much as you can about them from top to bottom. You should also familiarize yourself with all of their processes. Your direct supervisor may take notice of your dedication and recommend you for a full-time position.  
  • Do more. A temp employee can show more value by taking on more tasks in the office. If you see a need, talk to your supervisor about how you can help. Employers want to hire self-starters who are motivated and take initiative. They will be more inclined to work with someone who’s already proven themselves. If you’re seen as a valuable member of the team, they may make an offer.
  • Work well with others. Personality conflicts can be a major problem in the workplace. But genuine connections can make a team thrive. Even if you’re “just a temp,” take time to get to know the others in your department. Find common ground and shared interests. If your coworkers like you, they are likely to put in a good word to management to keep you around.

Are you open to temporary jobs to help you find a great long-term position? Call the team at ProStaff today to learn more.