All new employees must take time to adjust to a new environment. But imagine how this can be even more disorienting to a temporary employee. They are starting out their experience feeling they don’t quite fit in, so it’s up to management to make them feel welcome. Here are a few ways you can make sure your temps get that warm fuzzy feeling right on their first day.

  1. Prepare their workspace and equipment. It’s not uncommon for temps to arrive and find the company isn’t at all ready for them. They have to wait, maybe even all day, for a desk or a computer to be set up for them. That will impact their first impression and make them feel uncomfortable rather than welcome. As soon as you schedule a temporary employee to come into your company, get the ball rolling to have everything they need to get started ready when they arrive.  
  2. Partner them with a mentor. Temps can also feel isolated. They’re not part of the group, and permanent employees can often treat them like a threat to their jobs. You can solve both these problems by asking a seasoned employee to show the temp the ropes. Make sure they know the short-term employee is there to help, not to replace. They can show them the job but also the company culture, which will help ease everyone’s tension.
  3. Provide access to information. Sometimes, companies refuse to let a short-term employee have access to important systems because they’re concerned about confidentiality. If their job requires access to data, don’t limit what they can do. It’s also possible your short-term employee can become a trusted full-time member of your staff, so getting off on the right foot will be essential to building this relationship.
  4. Follow up regularly. A lack of feedback is one of the biggest complaints from both temporary employees and the recruiters that placed them on the job. If an employee is not living up to expectations, you must communicate that to the staffing agency. But don’t forget to give your temp timely feedback to help correct problems. Also keep in mind the power of gratitude and positive feedback. Be sure to tell a temp they’re doing a great job if they are.

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