This year has been a bit of a roller coaster. As the pandemic continued to spread across the US, our daily routines and activities were affected. But just because you can’t get your social interaction the way you did before doesn’t mean you can’t still get active, stay fit, enjoy time with your family, and have some fun. Here are a few fall activities you can do with any size, and any age, family.  


An outdoor activity that can be done at any level is hiking. From a casual walk in the woods to a more strenuous hike with elevation changes, you and your family can enjoy the outdoors. Hiking can also be a solo activity and can be done in low-traffic areas. Make sure you bring with you plenty of water to stay hydrated and some basic safety gear.  

Raking Leaves 

Making a regular chore more fun can be great for the whole family. While you need to rake the leaves on your lawn, you can also make it fun by putting piles together for the kids or the pets to jump in. Everyone can get into the raking part, and running and jumping is always a fun activity. Just makes sure your leaves aren’t positioned over hazards such as rocks or the driveway.  

Family Sports Day 

Team sports are also a good way to involve the whole family. Many outdoor sports don’t require any equipment or just a few small items. Suggestions include:  

  • Backyard races 
  • Flag football 
  • Ping Pong 
  • Frisbee 

Dance Party  

Especially with younger kids, why not crank up the tunes and have a family dance party. You can play your favorite songs from the 70s, 80s, or 90s and challenge your kids to make up dances for each new song. You can also play a form of musical chairs called “statues.” When the music stops, you have to stop. If anyone is still moving, they’re eliminated from the game.  

Scavenger Hunt 

To incorporate some critical thinking skills into your fun outdoor activity, create a scavenger hunt. It can be very simple for the little kids, more like an egg hunt. Or you can create intricate clues for older kids to solve puzzles and find the next clue until they find the big surprise at the end of the hunt. This can get your creative juices flowing as well as have the whole family on the move.  

We want to hear from you. What fun things do you have planned this fall? Contact Prostaff to learn more.