Whether your environment is manufacturing or office, safety in the workplace is critical to the efficiency and productivity of your company. Having a safe place to work is about more than just implementing safety protocol and having procedures ready. You need to encourage your team to care about the process and actively participate. Here are some ways to ensure your employees care about safety, no matter what job title they hold.

  • Make safety a priority from the top down. This starts with establishing the safety protocol that works best for your specific business. From there, you need to communicate how safety is handled at every level. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Demonstrating how safety will work in your place of business is equally as important. You have to train your staff and provide resources, and you have to lead by example. Ensure your management team is making it a priority.
  • Establish goals and outcomes. Your employees need to know and understand the policies and ensure they are regularly enforced, but what happens next. What are your long-term safety objectives? For instance, in a fabrication environment, you may want to reduce accidents by increasing awareness and prevention. This initiative needs to be supported and everyone needs to feel as though they are participating in something that will lead to greater success over all.
  • Provide the necessary equipment. Establishing a safety culture is completely ineffective if your team does not have the right tools to use every day. This may mean providing money, equipment, materials and training. You should also have an onboarding process that goes over expectations and what people have access to on the job. Without this, your team will feel ill prepared to participate.
  • Ask for regular input. Most importantly, make sure your team has buy-in for the processes. Talk to them about what they experience, the improvements they would make, and how safety is important to them on the job. Without this, it feels like a corporate directive without any ownership on the part of the workforce. Your employees can be your greatest asset when it comes to caring about safety on the job.

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