Onboarding is the process by which companies provide orientation and training to their newest employees. But it goes much deeper than that. Current studies show that employees who are integrated into a company culture within the first few days respond better to training and feel like they’re part of the overall team. Is your onboarding process working for your new employees? Here are a few ways you can improve your system starting today.

  • Have their work space ready. Good onboarding starts before your new employee arrives for their first day. It’s not uncommon for new employees to arrive and find they don’t have a desk or a computer ready for them. Be sure to set up their workstation with all the tools they need to start fresh as soon as they arrive.  
  • Introduce them to the team. Being the new person in the company can be intimidating. You can help take some of this awkwardness away by introducing the new staff member to your current team right at the beginning. This gives them faces with names, so they know who to ask for during training for the first few weeks. 
  • Pair them with a mentor. Training is important, but you’ve hired qualified people who already possess the skills. So, rather than focusing only on training, allow them to learn the company culture. A mentor from your team who is already part of the overall corporate culture can take a new employee under their wing to learn all the essential aspects about working for your organization.  
  • Analyze your process often. Check in with your new employees, and seasoned team members, to make sure your process is working. You want to know if it is helpful to them and if there are any improvements you can make. Track your retention rate to see if there are patterns when employees leave, so you can bridge that gap in your onboarding process in the future.

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