Did you know that company culture is considered as important to job seekers as your salary or benefits packages? As a new era of employees are joining the workforce, they have different expectations about what companies should be. Their priorities vary greatly from person to person, and the generational differences are clearly visible. To keep ahead of your competition, it’s important to evaluate your corporate culture to see if it’s attracting top talent. Here are some of the ways improved company culture can appeal to the best and brightest candidates.

  • Flexibility and remote working. Many companies are finding flexible schedules are an important part of today’s best corporate cultures. Work/life balance is increasingly important for new employees, so give them what they want. You can offer remote working opportunities or flex hours. A “results-oriented” workplace model can encourage a positive corporate culture where the successful completion of work is more valued than the specific hours spent on the task.  
  • Community involvement and volunteer opportunities. Social responsibility is really important to a lot of incoming candidates, so companies that incorporate this into their culture will have success with new hires. Younger employees especially want to feel as though their contribution to a company is valued and making a difference in the community. You can offer ways for employees to give back through volunteering or supporting organizations in your community.
  • Collaborative environments and teamwork. Collaboration and innovation often go hand in hand. For many incoming employees, competition in the workplace has been replaced with a desire for more collaboration. Use this impulse to improve your corporate culture to attract employees interested in collaborating with one another. You can incorporate technology and tools that can help advance this goal.
  • A focus on innovation. No one on your team wants to be seen as just a cog in the machine there to do a specific task repetitively. Your employees have great ideas, and you need to be willing to take a closer look at them. Don’t stifle creative thinking, encourage it. Host events where your employees can pitch their ideas. These ideas can be about processes and procedures in the company or ideas for products and services that can enhance your business.

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