Should you include your grade point average when you’re applying for a job? Well, the answer is complex and depends on many factors. Have you recently graduated? Did you win awards based on your GPA? Is it standard in your industry to provide this information? And when should you avoid using your GPA as you apply for jobs. All of your questions regarding GPA and your job search are answered below.  

Recent Graduates 

If you’ve recently graduated and had a high GPA, there’s no reason to hide it. You’re proud of your accomplishment. This is especially true if you’ve graduated with honors such as cum laude, magnum cum laude, or summa cum laude. Go ahead and add it to your resume if it makes you feel good and showcases your success in your program.  

Industry Expectations 

In some industries, it’s expected that you provide your GPA. This is especially true if you’ve completed higher education programs such as a Master’s or Doctorate. Recent graduates from law school with a Juris Doctor may also include their GPA on a resume. This will depend largely on the industry you’re in and the type of job you’re seeking.  

GPA Value 

In general, most people who include a GPA on their resume will only do so if it is 3.5 or above. What you want to demonstrate is your mastery of the subject, so only including high GPAs will be the best way to communicate that. The value for potential employers, especially in industries where education is highly respected, is to see that you didn’t just graduate, you excelled.  

Letting Go 

What may be most important, however, is to know when to let go. Just as you would include a GPA lower than about a 3.5, you also may no longer want to include a GPA after you’ve been out of school for many years. That’s especially true if you’ve had several years of professional experience in your industry.  

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