Is a supervisor role the next step for your career? How do you know when you’re ready to move to the next level? Plenty of people wonder if they have what it takes to apply for a supervisor role, but the specifics are rarely defined. What kind of experience do you need to apply for a supervisor role, and what skills should you have on your resume to make you a prime candidate? Let’s take a closer look.

Use the Right Format for Your Resume

To get a hiring manager’s attention to consider you for a supervisor role starts before they even read the details on your resume. Be sure to use the right format to capture their attention and let them know you’re serious about the role. Focus on professionalism, use a summary statement or objective, so the reader knows you’re focused on supervisory experience, and keep the overall format easy to read.

Include Accomplishments and Leadership Experience

In this format, be sure to include any accomplishments you’ve had in your previous career that specifically refer to leadership experience. You don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. What have you done in the work that put you in a position to take charge of a situation? What was the outcome?

Share Education and Continued Learning Credentials

There is an expectation that people in supervisory roles have advanced credentials such as certifications or degrees. Be sure to include any sort of trade school, university, continued learning, or certifications that you’ve received. Include a complete education section where you can showcase what these were and how they’re relevant to the specific position.

Showcase Your Core Competencies

You also want to focus on the skills that have led you to seek out a supervisory role. What are your core competencies? What areas of work did you excel in that gives you an expert outlook on how to run a department and manage employees who share similar skills in their current work. Be sure to frame these with data that supports your experience.

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