There are a lot of reasons top employees quit. You may discover a problem in the system once they’re gone that needed to be addressed long before. Or maybe they’re simply moving elsewhere or found another opportunity. Whatever the case, if a superstar quits, you have a pretty big hole to fill. How do you fill that gap and ensure your company will continue toward success? Here are a few ways to overcome an employee resignation and fill that hole.

  • Don’t take it personally. If a great employee gives their notice, its natural to try to find the reasons behind it. You may second guess every interaction you’ve ever had with them. But when you do this you can fall down a rabbit hole and miss the bigger picture. Start by recognizing the situation is not about you.
  • Focus on employee happiness. The next step is to take a look at the overall satisfaction in your company. It may be this employee left for a different opportunity or family commitments may have changed their circumstances. But if you learn that others may be feeling restless it’s time to make a change for the better.
  • Cross train your team. To mitigate the effects of one person leaving your company, make sure team members are cross trained. This means if someone is out of the office, whether it’s just a short-term absence or a resignation, someone else can step in and handle the process until other arrangements can be made.
  • Create a manual. You should have every department document their processes. This can become a manual that will allow anyone in your company to sit down, read through the process, and be able to accurately perform that job. This isn’t a great long-term solution, but it can help you avoid major pitfalls after someone leaves.
  • Partner with a staffing agency. The truth is, no one should be considered irreplaceable in your company. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t value their performance. You should be constantly reinforcing how you appreciate their work. If someone were to leave, you must have a plan in place to find a replacement. Your staffing partner is the perfect first phone call.

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