At ProStaff, we fully understand the seriousness of the situation we’re facing here in the United States. We also know that focusing on the negative will only exacerbate an already stressful time. While we’re forced to slow down and stay indoors, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the reasons we can all be grateful. As you adjust to our new normal for the next few months, here are a few things you can be thankful for in your life.

Family and Friends

While you may be at home with only your immediate family, you know your extended family and far-flung friends are there for you, too. More than ever, we’re able to connect with loved ones far away and that’s critical over the next few months. Pick up the phone and call your mom or your sister. Interact with friends on Facebook. Connection, will be key to maintaining a semblance of normalcy in these times.

Skilled Healthcare Workers

On the front lines of this crisis are doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. They are working with limited resources to help everyone who comes through their doors. Not only is COVID-19 affecting the healthcare system, but other emergencies don’t end just because there is a pandemic. Even if you don’t personally need medical care, people you know do and will. Gratitude for our healthcare workers is essential.

Advanced Technology

Most of us couldn’t even imagine what it was like to live during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Now, a century later, our world has evolved significantly through the use of technology. Widespread technology keeps us informed, connects us to friends and family all over the world, and enables us to work and learn from home.

Time to Slow Down and Reflect

If nothing else, this experience has given us a chance to slow our lives down whether we wanted to or not. While the entire experience is stressful and fraught with anxiety, it also gives us a moment to pause. Reflecting on your life and your career right now can give you some insight you may not have noticed before.

How are you doing right now? ProStaff wants to hear from you.