You know that your employees are one of your company’s greatest assets. But before they’re your employees, they’re candidates looking for a good job with a good organization. That’s where candidate relationship management, or CRM, comes in. This is the process that increases candidate engagement and improves the candidate experience, which, in turn, makes them excited about the potential opportunity with your company. There are a variety of CRM technologies that HR experts use, but it’s also about the overall hiring experience. Here’s what you should know about candidate relationship management. 

Employer Branding 

You already know about company branding in terms of marketing strategies. You have created your overall image, so people recognize your company immediately online and in public. But an employer brand takes this to another level, specifically targeting potential employees. Your employer brand consists of your reputation, the candidate experience, and the satisfaction of current employees. 

The Hiring Process 

The candidate relationship management process starts with the hiring experience. You want to ensure that every potential candidate has a positive interaction with your company from the start, so they are excited about a possible partnership. You don’t want people to just go through the motions. To do this, make sure your application process is easy to navigate and that you communicate every step along the way.  

Building Relationships 

CRM is about building relationships. While you may not be able to hire everyone, who applies to your company, you can give them a good impression of your business. This means they will speak about the experience positively, encouraging others to consider it in the future. It also keeps the door open for potential partnerships in the future if your needs or their employment situation changes. Maintain these relationships by continuing to interact.  

Partnering with ProStaff 

You don’t have to do this alone. By partnering with a staffing expert, they will take on your CRM process. Potential candidates will be prescreened and vetted before being submitted to you for consideration. You select the individual who is the best fit for your opportunity and know that the remaining candidates will still be available to work with the agency in other capacities.  

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