How Can You Turn Your Temporary Job into a Permanent One?

Have you considered working on a temporary assignment? Did you know that temp work can lead to full-time offers? These assignments can open the door if you are a good match for the company and job. How can you turn a temporary job into a permanent one? Partnering with a staffing agency can provide you

Keeping Your Workers Safe in the Summer Heat

The summer sun can be brutal no matter where you are across the country. Keeping workers safe when you don’t have a climate-controlled space is a top priority for many managers.  They may have to work in the hot summer sun or they may be in tight, stuffy places throughout the summer months. What can

The Right Way to Follow Up

After an interview, you may feel at a loss about how to move forward. You sit and wait for them to call you back, but what if they don’t. You can take some initiative and follow up after the interview to help improve your chances of getting that job offer. But there is a fine

Making Your Team Meetings More Productive

Almost anyone you ask will say they dislike meetings. Employees feel like they’re a waste of time and they have more important things to do. But meetings do have their place, the key is to make them informative, short and accessible for your entire team. How do you make meetings more productive and reduce the

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Boss

A bad boss can be a major challenge. Even a neutral relationship with your boss can be a challenge since you won’t feel inspired by them as a leader. But effectively managing relationships with people you don’t love or like is still an essential part of being a successful professional. Whatever your situation, there are

5 Tips for Writing Great Job Descriptions

Are the resumes you’re receiving not matching up to your expectations? There is an art to creating a job description that will attract the right candidate. If you’re not dipping into the right talent pool, you will have a hard time finding the right people for your open positions. Writing some excitement into these job

How to Handle a Slip-Up at a New Job

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s not the mistake you’ll be remembered for, it’s how you handled yourself in the aftermath. It’s common to make mistakes when you start a new job. You have a lot to learn and it’s easy to mess up. That doesn’t mean your new job is toast. Here are some ways you

Does Your Company Culture Attract Great Candidates?

Did you know that company culture is considered as important to job seekers as your salary or benefits packages? As a new era of employees are joining the workforce, they have different expectations about what companies should be. Their priorities vary greatly from person to person, and the generational differences are clearly visible. To keep

Staying Positive During Your Job Search

A job search can be frustrating, but it’s essential to the process that you remain positive and dedicated to finding your next opportunity. It can be devastating when you don’t hear back from companies where you thought you did great. If you’re starting to feel a little down about your search, there are some things

Does Your Onboarding Process Work?

Onboarding is the process by which companies provide orientation and training to their newest employees. But it goes much deeper than that. Current studies show that employees who are integrated into a company culture within the first few days respond better to training and feel like they’re part of the overall team. Is your onboarding