5 Steps to Creating an Employee Attendance Policy

Did you know that in a study conducted by the CDC, absenteeism cost U.S. employers over $225 billion each year? While life, and unexpected absences, happen to everyone, companies are working hard to find the exact right balance between productivity and attendance policies. And this can be made even more complicated if you don’t have

Does GPA Matter When Applying for Jobs?

Should you include your grade point average when you’re applying for a job? Well, the answer is complex and depends on many factors. Have you recently graduated? Did you win awards based on your GPA? Is it standard in your industry to provide this information? And when should you avoid using your GPA as you apply for

Rising Hiring Trend: Recruitment Marketing

Have you heard of recruitment marketing? You may have and not realized that’s what it was. Over the last several years, many people have focused on their employer branding. This is how they position themselves as an employer to attract top talent and is made up of communication, reputation, and the application process. Recruitment marketing

How Many Resumes Do I Need to Send Out to Get an Interview?

If you’ve been on the job market for a while, you know that you have to send a lot of resumes to get a response. Experts suggest job seekers need to send at least 10 resumes per week to get interviews and potential job offers. But hiring is an inexact science, and as much as

Why is Candidate Relationship Management Important for Hiring?

You know that your employees are one of your company’s greatest assets. But before they’re your employees, they’re candidates looking for a good job with a good organization. That’s where candidate relationship management, or CRM, comes in. This is the process that increases candidate engagement and improves the candidate experience, which, in turn, makes them

New Year, New Mindset

No one expected the year we had in 2020. When we rang in the New Year last January, we were as hopeful and positive as ever. But we quickly had to readjust our expectations. If you lost your job amid the coronavirus pandemic and economic difficulties, it can be easy to stay frustrated or sad.

3 Tips to Prep for Your Team for the Biggest Hiring Season of the Year

January and February are the top months for hiring. Why? Your company has just received a new budget, and you’re ready to kick things into high gear. So that means you need to be prepared with a good hiring strategy. Understanding your production goals can help you make the best hiring decisions in a strange

How to Maintain Professional and Personal Goals During the Winter Months

2020 made a lot of us think about our goals and lives in very different ways. You may have found yourself unemployed or working from home. You may have been taking care of loved ones who were either ill or also at home without network support. As December turns into the new year, how can

Struggling to Find Qualified Candidates?

Finding talent, especially with the uncertainty we’ve had throughout 2020, has always been a challenge. You need to find a person with the exact combination of skills and the right personal fit with your current team. Qualified has many definitions, so if you’re struggling to find a qualified employee, you may need some additional help.

4 Family Activities to Get Fit While Having Fun!

This year has been a bit of a roller coaster. As the pandemic continued to spread across the US, our daily routines and activities were affected. But just because you can’t get your social interaction the way you did before doesn’t mean you can’t still get active, stay fit, enjoy time with your family, and have