January and February are the top months for hiring. Why? Your company has just received a new budget, and you’re ready to kick things into high gear. So that means you need to be prepared with a good hiring strategy. Understanding your production goals can help you make the best hiring decisions in a strange market. Here are the top tips to help you prepare for the big hiring season in 2021.  

Adjust for a Remote Hiring Process  

2020 ushered in a new era for employers. Companies that hadn’t embraced remote work arrangements were thrown into the deep end. And some will continue with the trend well into 2021. That means adjusting the hiring process to be more remote-friendly will be critical. You want to maintain a culture of safety and make sure your candidates feel prepared in the steps to employment. Some improvements you can make include:  

  • Streamlined online applications with mobile optimization  
  • Access to video conference interviews along with detailed instructions to manage expectations 
  • The use of e-signature documents to complete onboarding paperwork 

Evaluate Long-Term Hiring Goals 

Even for companies that weathered the recession in the mid-2000s, 2020 ushered in unprecedented uncertainty. That’s why it’s so important to create a detailed staffing plan with clear goals. It’s equally important that you also know how to adjust goals as necessary if things change quickly. We hope the struggles of 2020 are behind us, but there are lessons we can take from our experience. Start by writing down a staffing plan for 2021 that can help you visualize your needs. Include skills you want to add to your team, as well as considerations for increased productivity and plans for any unexpected turnover.  

Partner with ProStaff  

How can a staffing firm help you get the right candidates and take some of the burdens off your shoulders? The answer is yes. By developing a relationship with a staffing partner, you can increase your hiring success and efficiency. What is important is to establish this partnership with an agency before hiring needs arise. Your staffing partner will get to know your company culture and the kinds of needs that come up for your team. They can help you develop short and long-term staffing plans, create goals, and achieve success together.  

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