Are you struggling to find warehouse workers in today’s employment climate? Many companies are facing challenges that began with the pandemic last year. What can you do to attract and retain top warehouse talent moving forward? It helps to know what employees are looking for when they start a new job. Here are some of the best benefits you can offer a warehouse employee to encourage them to take your job.

Pay A Competitive Salary

Warehouse jobs are competitive. Especially after the COVID-19 crisis, many warehouse workers decided to look at other avenues for their next job. Make sure you’re attracting top talent by paying well to facilitate the cost of living as well as providing incentives for a job well done.

Provide Good Healthcare Benefits

The pandemic also created a national conversation about healthcare. To attract warehouse candidates, providing good insurance may make the difference in hiring top talent. These employees will look for the best possible opportunities, so make it worth their time to work with you and not your competition.

Offer Career Advancement

Many people view warehouse roles as a stepping stone, so be sure to provide the possibility of career advancement in your company. If you don’t, your star employees will seek opportunities elsewhere. Provide additional training and avenues for promotions both within your warehouse and other aspects of your company.

Prioritize Safety

Health and safety also became a big talking point over the last year. It doesn’t just apply to infection rates, though that has taken up a large portion of the conversation. Safety should be an all-encompassing focus for your warehouse workers. Make sure you’re providing safety equipment and reinforcing safety training.

Emphasize Diversity and Inclusion

A recent report by Jobvite indicates that potential employees are interested in working for organizations with clear diversity and inclusion goals. While it may not be a tangible benefit, companies working to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace are more likely to attract a robust workforce interested in long-term employment within their organization.

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