As we stay at home, orders are being lifted or altered for increased interaction, and employers are finding themselves in a unique position. Roles that had been furloughed or changed to work from home may be returning to the office environment. How can you reassure your employees that it’s safe to come back to work? For warehouse and light industrial workers who often perform duties in closed environments, what can you do to reinforce their safety in the age of COVID-19? Let’s take a closer look.

Update and Distribute New Guidelines

Before you open your office back up, take some time to evaluate the new procedures for safety, and update the guidelines. Then distribute these to your employees before they return and provide them access and avenues to reach out to you if they have questions or concerns. Everyone should have time to review the new information before showing up at the worksite.

Reevaluate Policies on Sick Time

It may also be time to evaluate your current sick leave policies. The virus is not going away, and any exposure puts everyone at risk. If an employee or one of their family members gets sick, you must provide them the proper levels of support. There are many possible options for sick leave, so talk to an expert to learn more.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment

In many environments, such as warehouses, you already provide PPE to employees in the form of back braces or safety glasses. Today, and for the foreseeable future, until a vaccine or herd immunity is achieved, masks are becoming normal for all workers when they’re interacting with others. If your employees don’t have access to masks, you can provide them.

Consider the Most Vulnerable Employees

Some of your employees may still be concerned about returning to work. Their feelings are valid, and, in many cases, their ability to work is impacted by their health concerns. These health concerns can also cause increased stress, which will affect their performance. If your employees are hesitant to return to the office, talk to them about alternatives.

What can help you ensure the safety of your team once you return to work? Contact ProStaff to learn more today.