Human nature is a curious thing. When you get groups of people together, not everyone is going to get along. And we even have varying degrees of how we get along with each other. But that can be magnified in the workplace when people need to cooperate for a common goal. What happens if your employees are just not meshing? Here are a few things to consider.

Is Someone a Bully or Being Bullied?

In order to determine the level of discord, it’s important to know what’s happening in the workplace. Bullying is repeated behavior that has the goal of humiliating, insulting, offending or distressing the person on the receiving end. It’s not just physical, it can be emotional or mental as well.  

Of course, the behavior may not be bullying but could be rude or disrespectful behavior that may not be directed at any single person. Someone having a bad day may lash out at their coworkers, but it’s not intended to be personal. But this harmful behavior, even unintentionally, has consequences.  

Organizations should have policies in place to prevent bullying behavior.

How to Resolve Conflict

When your employees aren’t getting along, you may have to intervene. Bullying behavior may not be reported right away. They may simply avoid their coworker, even if that affects their day-to-day work. Or employees who are having bad days may just interact in an unhealthy and rude manner.

The best solution is usually mediation. Set up a meeting so you and the other parties can discuss the situation, how it’s affecting productivity and the workplace culture, determine a solution, and work together to create a more harmonious community in the office.

Diffusing a Bad Situation

Sometimes, you’ll have to defuse a specifically toxic situation. When tension runs high, here are a few things you can do to defuse a situation.

  • Stay calm
  • Be respectful
  • Ask them to tell you their concern
  • Repeat it to show you’ve heard them
  • Don’t rush to respond
  • Work to find a solution

What other things can you do to ensure harmony in the workplace? Contact ProStaff to learn more today.