ProStaff is Unlike Other Staffing or Recruiting Agencies.

We are a fast growing and successful agency that treats all its clients with a personal touch. Headquartered in South Amboy, ProStaff Solutions is a small group of industry experts—many hailing from larger agencies—who know their business well and enjoy working in a more hands-on and flexible environment, with attention to detail.We all pick up the phones, so it’s not unusual to get our executives on the line when you call. We want to be accessible and accountable to you.

What makes us unique?
Customer service and responsiveness are required of everyone who works at ProStaff. Our mission is to bring the right people to the right job every time. This is not easy, but it can be done.

To accomplish this, we make the effort to learn about your needs and use a careful screening process before we do any introductions. We value your time. If we bring you the wrong candidates or send you to the wrong companies, we’re not doing our job.

ProStaff can handle rush orders with skill, but we always understand our clients before proceeding. That’s why many people are loyal to us. We have worked with blue chip names such as Bed, Bath and Beyond and US Foods, as well as companies we work with such as Blue Apron and Burlington Coat Factory.

Underlying ProStaff’s success are these values:

  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Helping the communities we serve

When we uphold our values, ProStaff Solutions maintains its good name–which is of utmost importance to us. It’s the heart of our business.