The 2021 job report from Jobvite painted a stark contrast in today’s workplace versus just a few years ago. The pandemic shifted the way companies handled business. Looking toward the future, many things will change. The report included eight factors that affect how candidates decide on a job offer. Here they are and what they might mean to your company.

Overall Compensation

38% of respondents indicated that overall compensation is a crucial factor in deciding to take a job offer. Compensation is made up of the salary and additional incentives, bonuses, commissions, and other financial aspects. Living wages and ensuring that you’re paying competitively for the job in your area has also been a significant area of discussion this past year.

Company Location

The survey included many aspects of the company location. They also asked about the facilities, accessibility, and convenience. While commutes are still acceptable for some job seekers, many look for jobs closer to home and drives that make it easy to get to and from work each day. Accessible facilities also open up more opportunities for employees to be inclusive in their hiring practices, becoming an essential factor.

Company Culture and Values

29% said they would decide to take a job based on the company culture and values. This included an additional statistic that 42% of job seekers said they would not accept a job if they didn’t see clear and actionable items for diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace. Improving your company values is going to be a critical part of remaining competitive for the workforce.

Job Security

Job seekers are still concerned with job security. Many candidates want long-term stability with an employer they like and work they enjoy. They want to know they’re an investment that’s valued, not a disposable commodity. Creating a corporate culture that focuses on career development and retention will help move your company forward.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance has been discussed over the last few years, but it was pushed into the forefront in 2020. Employees need to know that they are valued as complete human beings, and their time off is as important as their time on the job. They are looking for flexible schedules, a good vacation policy, and the right proportion of time work to time off.


It was interesting to see the Coronavirus pandemic still making the list of factors for accepting a job. The virus impacted every part of our daily lives and will continue to for some time. New employees want to feel safe in the workplace and want to know their employers take things seriously.


Access to healthcare insurance and other benefits such as dental and vision is also still a critical factor for many job seekers. Today, many employees are also looking for companies that support their mental health and access to mental health resources as part of their benefits package.

Quality of Work

21% of the job seekers surveyed said that the quality of work was still a significant factor in their decision to take a job. Employees want to feel good about their work and maintain a sense of excitement in their careers. Companies have a responsibility to ensure they make their work and the environment positive.

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