Are the resumes you’re receiving not matching up to your expectations? There is an art to creating a job description that will attract the right candidate. If you’re not dipping into the right talent pool, you will have a hard time finding the right people for your open positions. Writing some excitement into these job descriptions creates a sales pitch to give prospective candidates an idea of what it will be like working for you. Here are some tips that can help you write great job descriptions to attract candidates.

  • Start with a great headline. What kind of news articles do you click on? Like anyone, you want to click on things that interest you. If a job seeker is scrolling through online job boards, they will only click on the jobs that strike them as interesting. Grab the reader’s attention without being over the top and draw them in with an interesting title. 
  • Show your excitement about the company. Candidates know when you’re excited about the prospect of adding a new employee to your roster. If your job description comes across as a necessity or just a function of doing business, you’re not tapping into people who would be excited about working with you. You have to demonstrate why it would be great for someone to work at your company.
  • Include the most important information. Of course, a job description that is all glitz and no substance won’t attract qualified candidates either. Make sure you mention the skills necessary to succeed in the company. Share important information about the job itself, the culture of your office and potential benefits to attract top performers to apply.  
  • Humanize your company. Personalize your job description so they don’t think they’re sending their resume into a black hole. For example, some companies include a photo of the recruiter so candidates know who they’ll be talking to when they apply for the job. Or you can include some information about what your company does to help the community through volunteering.

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