Your team is your best investment. Without a good team, all other processes and customer service can suffer. So how do you ensure that your team works well together? Team building activities can elicit eye rolls from employees if they’re not done well, but a few short team building activities can get everyone excited. This Valentine’s Day, here are some ways to improve relationships among your team and boost productivity. Here are just a few quick team-building activities to pique your interest.

Here are the Best Team Building Activities

Methods of Communication

Everyone today has a different preference for communication. We no longer have to try to fit square pegs into round holes. Instead, it’s better to determine everyone’s preferences so the entire office can work together to make the environment more comfortable for everyone. In this exercise, write down the most common methods on sheets of paper. They include email, phone calls, in-person, or text. Then tape those signs to each wall of the office. Have your employees sort themselves by preference so everyone can visualize and know how to best connect with coworkers.

Pro Tip:

If you’re still working remotely, consider having your team include this information on their company profile, signature, or social media.

Penny for Your Thoughts

What you’ll need for this exercise is a jar of pennies. Make sure the dates are all within the last fifteen years. Then, have each team member draw a penny and share a memory about something significant that happened to them in that year. It’s a fun way to get to know the background of your coworkers.

Building Blocks

To learn more about teamwork, use popular building block sets like Legos to see how people work together. Split your office into teams. Show the constructed lego set for 30 seconds before hiding it. Then ask them to replicate that creation with the blocks they have. This is a memory game but also showcases communication and team dynamics.

Mission Impossible

Do you know those fun scenes in heist movies where the characters have to delicately cross a laser barrier without tripping the alarms? In this fun take that mixes mission impossible with ropes courses right in your own office, use string to create a maze in a long hall of your office. Then challenge your teams to make it through without touching the “lasers.” Each member has a different role in this heist, and they have to communicate appropriately to make it through.

Paper Tower

This fun exercise uses something every office has: simple printer paper. Create teams and give everyone a stack of paper. Challenge them to build the tallest paper tower in just five minutes. They can only use the paper, but they can fold or tear it in any way to create their structure. When time’s up, measure the towers to determine a winning team.

Are You Ready To Start Implementing Team Building Activities?

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