Sometimes there isn’t much you can do to reduce your commute time. You may be stuck in the car for 15 to 30 minutes, or sometimes more than an hour, on your way to work. Or you may be taking public transportation from home to the office. This is valuable time that can be used productively, even if you need to be a passive observer as you navigate your way safely to work. Technology can help. Here are 5 apps that can improve your work commute today.


Listening to books on tape or books on CD has long been the joy of any commuter, whether you’re in your car or public transit. But those technologies are dated and not as mobile as your own phone. Downloading Audible allows you to buy audiobooks and listen to them on your time wherever you are.

Amazon with Whispersync

Did you know you can also use the Amazon App to listen to your eBooks as well as read them? While Audible is the leader in audiobooks, if you prefer to read on your own, the Whispersync option may be very helpful. This allows you to pick up where you last left off and listen to the book. When you switch back to reading, you don’t

City Mapper

There is no shortage of mapping apps available to help you navigate roadways, busses, and trains in your commute. But City Mapper offers information about cancellations, road closures, and even issues that arise due to weather. You can also check your arrival time as you leave and get text alerts when something changes.


If you are on public transit and letting someone else take the wheel, you may want to use this time to relax and recharge. This gives you 10-minute meditations that are perfect for your commute. You can also download these meditations so if you’re offline, you can still access them. It can also get you in the right mind frame as you start your day.


Downloading a podcast app is also a great way to pass the time in your car or on a train. Listen to the latest news, favorite entertainment discussions, or anything else you can imagine. There is a podcast for everything, often several, so take your pick. Do you like True Crime, there are podcasts for that? Do you want self-improvement? They have that. Learn a new language? Yep, that’s something you can do too.

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