Diversity isn’t just a corporate buzzword. It’s important to the overall health and productivity of any workplace. For many managers, navigating the waters of diversity can feel tricky. There are a lot of things you need to consider to make diversity a priority in your workplace. To boost diversity measures in your company, consider these 4 ways to get started.

  • Use blind hiring, not quotas. Quotas used to be the gold standard for HR diversity hiring initiative. However, over time, we began to recognize that it was as harmful as the policies they replaced. Today, blind hiring is the new recommendation. To do this, hide all identifying demographics before presenting a candidate to the hiring manager and allow them to select their top choices without bias.
  • Build a Diverse Staffing Pipeline. Pulling candidates from only a few select sources will mean that you start out with a fairly homogenous pool. To change this aspect of hiring, increase your outreach and recruit from multiple sources. Look at the community and see how you can reach more diverse candidates to add to your staffing pipeline from the beginning.  
  • Hire for diverse mindsets. Fit has been a key hiring factor for a long time. In many cases, “fit” is used as a synonym for “like me.” This can derail diversity initiatives. Instead, you need to change the culture from the inside out. If you staff your workplace with people who have backgrounds and ways of thinking. You can approach problems with new problem-solving skills.  
  • Have a welcoming environment. Hiring diverse candidates is only step one. You need to have a workplace that is welcoming to all people and where they feel valued and appreciated. You need to encourage your established team to participate in the process. One way is to pair incoming employees with established mentors in the company. They will be able to learn from each other. But make sure you’re taking concerns seriously and putting your diversity initiatives into action.  

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