Everything lasts forever on the internet. That means everything you’ve ever done on social media, whether you think it’s private or not, could come back to bite you in the future. There are lots of reasons to avoid trash-talking your job on social media, but there are a few that could specifically impact your career. If you want to ensure that you have the best chance possible at further career advancement, here are some of the reasons to stay away from complaining about your job on the internet.  

You Give Work a Bad Name 

The biggest potential impact trash-talking on social media can have is to give you a bad reputation in terms of employment. If you’re seen as someone who regularly airs dirty laundry in public about past employers or even current employers, they will have no reason to believe you won’t do it again, to them. Employers won’t take a chance on you. What you say is on the internet forever, so just don’t say it, to begin with.  

You Affect Your Employers Reputation 

On top of that, your sour grapes could turn into a major issue for your employer. Even if you do have an issue with them, as long as they’re not breaking laws or doing anything unethical, it may be better to leave them well enough alone. If you’re a threat to their reputation, they may choose to take action and they’re a business with lawyers on their side. You may not recover from a situation like that.  

You Cause Issues for Coworkers 

Whether you’re still with your company or you’ve moved on, your online trash-talking can negatively affect the experience of your coworkers. Companies could crackdown on social media use in the office. Some issues could even lead to other employees having the wrong impression of their employer which will cause them to behave differently. Everyone should be able to form their own opinion.  

Even When It’s Buried, It’s Not Forgotten 

Don’t forget that the internet is forever. If you’ve ever trashed talked about a company online, the best strategy is to try to bury it. That means you need to create more positive content so when you’re Googled, the good stuff shows up on the first few pages of results. But that doesn’t mean the negative posts are gone. Someone can and will find them, so it’s best to leave it off the internet altogether.  

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